A year of happiness

Dear Diary,

Adam: Somehow, it doesn't seem possible that I've been here for an entire year!  I was asked if this is my birthday, but I don't really know when that might be.  It's not really an anniversary, either.  It just marks the special date when I came to my new home to start a real life.

I remember the long, long trip to New Zealand.  I landed at Auckland and then had an 8 day delay because it was the long Easter holidays.

"This is me, arriving at my new home a year ago."

"Here I am today, waiting to surprise our postie!"

Angelo:  I can remember waiting for Adam to arrive.  I was so excited; I couldn't stand it!  Papa promised us a new family member.  I liked this idea because I wanted another doll to be friends with.

"Here I am, waving to the postie in case Adam was in the delivery truck."

I wanted to give something special to Adam on his special day but i just didn't know what to give him.  He needs more clothes but I can't sew.  He never complains or asks for anything, so it was a real dilemma.  Finally, I decided to go out into the garden and pick for him the loveliest yellow rose I could find. 

"Adam, this is for you."

Adam:  In honour of my special day, my lil' buddy Angelo gave me the sweetest rose bud.  He is such a thoughtful boy!  I'm glad we have become close.

"I am so lucky to have a friend like Angelo."

I've been thinking about my life, comparing it with being stuck in a box in some warehouse.  I was trapped in that box, tied down and lifeless.  Then, in a short time, I was alive and had a home and family.  It just couldn't get any better.  It's no wonder I'm happy!

"Yes, I am happy!"

Jesse:  In case you can't read the banner, it says:


like no one is watching.
like you've never been hurt.
like no one is listening.
like it's heaven on earth.

Adam has been such a wonderful addition to our family.  He is handsome and charming, polite and kind, intelligent and wise.  We can't tell his age; we only know he is grown-up.  Every day, he brings new joys to the household and we learn more about him.  We know it would make Adam very happy if the other Adam and Carter dolls, sitting in a warehouse, were purchased and given a home.

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