A letter from the united states

Dear Diary,

Angelo:  Today, we received a letter with photos from our newest friends in the United States.  This is what they wrote to us.

Dear Angelo & Adam.  

    We know that naturally you are curious about your new friends in the U.S., so we have sent some pictures of me, Giancarlo and Tony.  In these photos we have just come inside from a walk and some fresh air.  Even though spring is just around the corner, it's still a bit chilly.  In fact, we had a dusting of snow last night.  I'm the one with the blond hair and striped sweater.  Giancarlo has dark hair and is wearing a plaid jacket and green shirt and Tony is the tall one.  He's wearing his new Kidz and Cats shirt and jacket.  Giancarlo is quite charming and outgoing, as you will find out.  He and I really like Tony.  He's a great guy and a lot of fun, even though he can be a bit of a worrier.  He always cautioning us not to play on the stairs.  I guess it's a good thing that we have someone responsible to look out for us when Steve is not around.  I'm very lucky to have these guys.  For a long time I was the only doll in the house.

    Hope you guys are keeping well.  We'll send some more pictures soon of the three of us doing things we like to do.



Adam and I excitedly read the letter several times.  Then, we looked the these photos. We love to get letters with pictures!

Adam:  We know we are going to become the best of friends, all the way across the ocean and half a continent!  Anyone else want to be our friend?

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