New Year's resolutions

Dear Diary,

Adam:  It's the day after New Year's Day and we are just getting around to writing a list of resolutions for 2016.  This is my first full year here and I want it to be wonderful for all.  Angelo and I decided we would make a secret list of our goals for this new year.  

"OK, Angelo; what should we write on our list of resolutions?"

"But, Adam, there's nothing on the list!"

"Come down here and help me!"
Angelo:  We spent a lot of time thinking about our resolutions and finally came up with a list of things we can do to improve in this new year.  It looks like Adam has more items on the list than I do!"

"We're not going to tell anyone so no one will be able to chide us for not living up to our resolutions!"
Adam & Angelo:  We wish to all our friends that you spend 2016 dancing to the tune of love and laughter!

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  1. Well done boys for even thinking about your new year resolutions!! I haven't even thought about mine!

  2. Always good to keep your goals secret ;-) then no one else knows if you succeed or not!

    I like the idea of dancing to the tune of love and laughter, that is a good one.

    Happy New Year guys! Henry

    1. We'll only publicise the successful resolutions! That message was sent to us by friends and we liked it so much that we used it. We're happy to know that you like it,too.

  3. I've had more success with resolutions when I mix in a few fun things along with the more responsible adult stuff. Adam looks in glasses. Happy New Year to you!

    1. Hi Steve, Fun things are always good; thanks for this suggestion. And, many thanks for the compliment (I think that' sweat you wanted to say) about my glasses. I think I look very smart in them. I have some other pairs as well. Yours, Adam

    2. Whoops, meant to say Adam looks "nice" in his glasses. I really do know how to talk (most of the time).

    3. I knew that. Angelo wants to know when you are going to tell us about your childhood Gregor. Adam

  4. First off, to me his name has always been Sasha. I only discovered much later that the boy dolls were known as Gregor. The tube that he came in (I still have it) has Sasha printed all around it, and I guess to a 7- 8 year old it just made sense. It’s a nice name and a popular boy’s name in many parts of the world, so that’s fine.
    I’m guessing that I got him in 1972, but I really can’t say for certain. I do remember my mom buying him for me. I live in Minneapolis, MN USA and we used to have a wonderful department store downtown called Dayton’s. The building still stands and is now occupied by Macy’s, but it’s really just a shadow of its former self. However, when I was a kid it was an amazing place that sold practically everything. There was a huge toy department on the 8th floor which my mom and I visited whenever we were downtown shopping.
    My Sasha has soft, thoughtful blue eyes and blond hair. He came dressed in pajamas and a red terrycloth robe. I still have the original outfit, although the robe is pretty worn and the slippers disappeared at some point. I seem to recall that he was in a glass display case with mostly girl Sasha’s and at least one other boy with ginger hair and shorts. I want to say that the sales lady took him out of the display case and found his tube to put him in, but it’s possible that he came directly from the stockroom – I’m just not sure anymore. I do remember that I always loved his expressive face and the fact that he did not have a big grin. I’ve always believed that if you really look carefully at dolls with big smiles, it just seems like they’re actually not all that happy; like they’re just kind of faking it.
    Since that first day, we were best friends for a long, long time. However, even the best friendships wax and wane over the years and for quite a while he sat on a shelf in the back of my closet; safe but a little neglected. We’re good friends now thought, and we’re having a lot of fun building up his wardrobe because, shockingly, the robe and pajamas (and a long gone homemade outfit) are the only clothing he’s ever had!
    Even though he was played with, I always treated Sasha very carefully. He was a good toy. Also I think because of the pajamas, I always sort of thought of him as a somewhat sickly boy that you had to play gently with (turns out he’s as healthy as can be). To this day he’s in excellent shape with not a mark or a scratch, or a hair out of place. The only thing is that his stringing has become really loose, so he’s kind of like a rag doll. I know there are places I could send him to get this fixed, but the thought of mailing him away in a box really pushes all of my nervous parent buttons, so maybe we’ll just leave well enough alone. I’ve done quite a bit of reading about Sasha dolls and what I’ve found seems to suggest that (based on the color of his stringing) he is a bit older than I thought; maybe 1968? My only explanation is that he spent a long time in that toy department waiting for me.
    Even though we’re best buddies again, I can’t spend the whole day with him (due to this sad thing called work). To keep him from getting bored, in November I got a pal for him; an early 1980’s brown haired Gregor named Giancarlo (because to me, the brunette boys always look Italian). They spend the days reading comics and having adventures, but not getting into trouble.

    1. Dear Sasha & Giancarlo, Thank you for sharing this amazingly beautiful story about your family! We really enjoyed reading this. You dad was a very lucky guy to get a doll in 1972 (the year I was made, by the way). He shounds like a very caring father, just like my papa. Since we just met, you wouldn't know that I was named Angelo because Papa thought I look Italian; Giancarlo and I have something in common! I read this story to Adam and it made him happy to know your story. I read it to my papa, too. He is trying to figure out how to get a photo of both of you to put into an entry in our diary. Given our dismal history of human-computer relationships, you can pretty well figure out he hasn't a clue how to do it. He does want your dad to know that he feels there are kindred spirits here. I hope you will write often so we can get to know each other. Your friend, Angelo

  5. Sasha says:

    Hi Angelo and Adam,

    On behalf of both Giancarlo and me, I just want to say that it’s a real pleasure to meet you. We love meeting new friends and we have really enjoyed following your blog. You sound like great guys! We also like hearing about New Zealand; a country that we know embarrassingly little about (our dad, Steve says that it’s where some of the best wine in the world comes from). We totally understand your papa’s computer limitations. Just between us, our dad is shockingly inept with technology. It is cool that the internet allows us to be friends even though we’re half a world apart. Giancarlo thinks it’s amazing that while you are having summer, up here in Minneapolis the temperature has been below zero. But even though it’s cold outside, we still have great times together.

    Take care. We promise to write again soon.


    Sasha and Giancarlo (your friends in the Northern Hemisphere)

  6. Awesome blog that I just discovered! I just became the owner of my first and only Gregor and am really excited to have adventures with him! Still waiting for him to tell me his name!

  7. Welcome Jane! How nice you found us; maybe you'd tell how you came across our blog. Congratulations on getting a Gregor in your life. We will wait to hear when you know your new boy's name. Your friends, Adam & Angelo


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