New kids on the block

Dear Diary,

Adam: This story is a bit old but because of being off the computer, it didn't get told.  I've been saving it to tell everyone once we were back online. 

We have a nanny goat named Stoney who was given to us when some friends moved and their new property didn't have enough land to support grazing her.  Little did we know when she arrived to live here that she was pregnant.  Over the course of time she got wider and wider and we waited the arrival of her offspring. On 20 September, I did my morning chores and said hello to the goats.  Later in the day, I went out to the barn to do some chores and as I passed the goat pen I looked in.  To my surprise, this is what I saw:

Stoney, Max & Lola
Stoney had given birth to twins!  This pair couldn't be more than about 8 hours old.  That must have been some delivery!

The next day I went to do my chores and the family was already out of the barn and playing.  The kids are staying close to mum
Goat milking stand in the background.
because she is the feeding station!

They have grown a lot since these photos were taken.  I'll update you soon with more photos.

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