"Twinkle, twinkle, little star..."

Dear Diary,

Adam: Living out in the middle of the country has one fantastic benefit – on a clear night we look up and clearly see the starry firmament. There are no big cities or towns nearby pollute the night sky with excess light.

At the end of June, there was an amazing astrological phenomenon: the conjunction of the two planets Venus and Jupiter. It's said that this event hasn't happened for the past 2,000 years and won't happen again until 2023. We were very fortunate to be able to see the stars coming closer and closer.

The planets at dusk

The planets at twilight.  Jupiter is on the left, Venus on the right.
Angelo: Unfortunately, on the night of their actual alignment, there were too many clouds so we couldn't view it. But, it didn't stop us from waiting outside in the winter chill anyway!

"Here we are, bundled up against the winter cold; staying warm under this Peggy square rug."

Jesse: This was a most amazing sight!  Venus, named after the Goddess of Love and Jupiter, named after the God of Thunder, are about to cross paths.  There are many debates on what this all means.  In our opinion, it means a conjunction of planets - nothing more.  But, whatever you believe, we hope you had the chance to observe it and to enjoy it.  I know my lads did.


  1. That is a wonderful benefit among many that I can think of, of living out in the middle of the country. So many places are now light polluted, you are lucky to live where there is none. Sorry you couldn't quite get to see the alignment.

    Did you get to see the Southern Lights where you are? By all accounts in part of NZ they were stunning.

    First time I have heard a blanket like that called 'Peggy Square' we call them Granny Squares. :-) It is a nice blanket did you make it Jesse?

    Lorraine & Henry


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