Mystery solved; questions remain

Dear Diary,

Jesse: You may remember some time back when I reported that all of Angelo's shoes had disappeared.  At that time I had made many thorough searches of our house, including two trips to the attic.  Sadly, I was unable to find his footwear.

Last weekend, we decided that we needed to clear out some of the things in the attic before the ceiling cave in.  I brought down lots of very large plastic storage containers and we happily decided that since we had forgotten the things inside were even still around, we didn't need to keep them.  In one large box there was an assortment of things, from clothes to kitchenalia.  At the bottom was a white plastic bag and inside - Angelo's shoes! I would not have been able to see them when I looked through the sides of the clear plastic boxes.  I was delighted (and relieved to find them) but for the life of me I have absolutely no idea how this box came to be put into a plastic bag and then put into the bottom of a storage box in the attic.  It just doesn't seem possible but it's the fact.

Angelo is absolutely over the moon about having his shoes back.  As we went through them we discovered we had more pairs of JJ shoes than we remembered (a very nice surprise).

"With heaven as my witness I swear I'll never be shoeless again!" (with apologies to Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone With the Wind'.)
We're all agreed that Angelo needs more shoes but there's no hurry now.

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