¡Hola España! Olá Portugal!

Dear Diary,

It's been six months in the planning, but we are finally heading off on our trip to Europe.  It's been full-on here this week, putting all the final preparations into action so the chores will be taken care of: goats to tend, chickens to feed and eggs to collect, dogs to board, garden to tend and the house to monitor. Fortunately, we have great neighbours who will look out for our property in our absence. We are more than ready for a vacation!   The gardener is set to do the winter tree plantings, built an addition to our fence, and keep the place looking nice and tidy. Even though we are about to head into winter, there is still much to do around here.

"I'd best bring a cardigan in case we have some chilly weather."
Mein Vati bought a pretty cool vintage leather suitcase for me.  We don't know what its original purpose might have been but it's perfect size for my kit.  I was told "less is more" so I had to select my clothes carefully.  Vati sewed a new shirt for me just for the trip. Since we're headed into the Northern Hemisphere summer, I brought only light clothing and some sandals.  At the end of our month in the sun, it will be a shock to return home to the cold!

I've been studying my Portuguese and I look forward to giving speaking a go.  I haven't done anything with the Spanish; there just hasn't been the time.  I think I'll be able to manage pretty well in both countries.

"Boa viagem!"

Time to leave for the airport and start our trip to Europe.  In a way, it will be a little like going home, even though we won't be in Germany.

Adios & adeus New Zealand - See you in four weeks!


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