Dear Diary,

I like all the traditional things like the decorated tree, mistletoe, stockings, candles and Santa Claus but I celebrate them for their old religion symbolism which pre-dates Christianity.  Even though the weather is (mostly) warm and sunny here in the Southern Hemisphere, I and my family are very much in the holiday spirit.

It's been a year of ups and downs and really, I'm ready for some holiday merry-making:

Thanks, Auntie Mame.

Santa Claus came early and even let me pose for a photo with him:

"Ho, ho, ho!"
Kris Kringle and I.

Here's to the festivities, even though here they are backwards at this time of year. It's our summer solstice, not the winter solstice.  The festivities are about the shortest day of the year but it's our longest.  I pretend and join in anyway. The late, great Mr Nat King Cole can always put me in the mood:

What a crooner!

So, whether winter or summer, Happy Holidays to all, no matter how this time of year is celebrated,  I wish everyone much happiness.

"Bring on the festivities!"



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