Sewing & crochet

Dear Diary,

Recently, we had a family project of clearing out the attic (before the ceiling fell in on us).  We found something that Vati had made about 15 years ago.  At that time, he lived in an authentic Arts & Crafts house.  There were windows in the closets and he began to crochet a filet crochet curtain for one of them.  As things turned out, he moved before finishing the curtain but over the years he could never bring himself to throw it out.  We found the curtain and suddenly I had a fantastic idea - it would be the perfect coverlet for my Arts & Crafts bed.  Luckily, I was right and all Vati had to do was fasten the last stitch.  Vati was grateful he didn't have to crochet any more on it because he couldn't see the small stitches!

This was crocheted with size 20 thread using size 12/1.00 mm crochet needle.

 I'm all ready for bed now.

Vati made these pyjamas for me out of an old pair of men's pyjamas.  I love my snuggly slippers!

Also, mein Vita has gone back to the sewing machine and has been sewing shirts for me.  So far he has made 9 shirts, some pyjamas and a pair of corduroy short pants.  It was a chore to find a pattern to fit me but we found one online.  It's for a 22" Heubach Pouty boy doll.  It's not a perfect fit but it's as good as it gets without having one specially made for me.

Amongst the onions -

Vati sewed the shirt.  The knickerbockers are from Henry's Mum in England.


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