Porky pig has the last word

Dear Diary,

Jesse: When I was a kid, I used to watch the Saturday morning cartoons, my favourite being Looney Tunes.  At the end of each programme, Porky Pig would stammer, "That's all folks!" marking the end of the best part of a Saturday morning.  I thought it was an appropriate way to start the blog post as this is the last entry I'll make in this diary.

Originally, I started this blog to showcase Adam and to counter the extremely negative comments I read on the internet about him.  Angelo, who used to have his own PictureTrail account, is a regular ham and wanted his time  again in the spotlight.  The thing grew from there into what it is today.

It's now come to the point that I have to call it quits because, quite frankly, I have nothing left to say.  I am not clever or creative; when I look at other doll blogs, I see that mine sadly pales in comparison.  I have looked down the well of inspiration and found it is empty.  I don't want to end up sinking into the mire of mediocrity. 

Now, it's time to clear out all these dolls and doll stuff by listing everything for sale on eBay.  

I wish to thank all my readers.  Your visits grew from only a handful each day to some days reaching over 500 visits. I have always found this to be amazing.  Thanks for following along with us.


Be well all of you and play with your dolls!  We in Middle Earth wish you all the best!

I'll leave the blog up for a fortnight to say goodbye to my readers; then it will be time to pull the plug and take it down.

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