Porky pig has the last word

Dear Diary,

Jesse: When I was a kid, I used to watch the Saturday morning cartoons, my favourite being Looney Tunes.  At the end of each programme, Porky Pig would stammer, "That's all folks!" marking the end of the best part of a Saturday morning.  I thought it was an appropriate way to start the blog post as this is the last entry I'll make in this diary.

Originally, I started this blog to showcase Adam and to counter the extremely negative comments I read on the internet about him.  Angelo, who used to have his own PictureTrail account, is a regular ham and wanted his time  again in the spotlight.  The thing grew from there into what it is today.

It's now come to the point that I have to call it quits because, quite frankly, I have nothing left to say.  I am not clever or creative; when I look at other doll blogs, I see that mine sadly pales in comparison.  I have looked down the well of inspiration and found it is empty.  I don't want to end up sinking into the mire of mediocrity. 

Now, it's time to clear out all these dolls and doll stuff by listing everything for sale on eBay.  

I wish to thank all my readers.  Your visits grew from only a handful each day to some days reaching over 500 visits. I have always found this to be amazing.  Thanks for following along with us.


Be well all of you and play with your dolls!  We in Middle Earth wish you all the best!

I'll leave the blog up for a fortnight to say goodbye to my readers; then it will be time to pull the plug and take it down.


  1. I certainly don't think you should pull the plug and take this blog down Jesse, even if you don't want to write anymore posts. It is a great resource with some informative information and appears in various searches when looking for information on specific dolls. (Okay I have used the word information, or variances of it, too much in that last sentence, but it is early on a Saturday morning!) Please leave it up for others who may not yet have discovered it.

  2. I'm sad as I always look forward to your blog posts and pictures. I will miss you and the boys...and I think you have had lots of interesting things to say. But I understand too if it is not working for you and wish you well.

  3. It is a sad day if you intend to stop posting and remove your blog. If you wanted you could always just leave the blog up and just comeback whenever you have something to share?
    Everyone's blog is different and enjoyed because of it.
    I love seeing your lads and what they are wearing etc or reading of things that have caught your eye.

    But also understand that life can get in the way of posting or the inspiration evades and nothing comes to mind.

    So you could just go off on a blog , 'vacation' , and pop back whenever inspiration strikes?
    But should you decide to make a clean break I would just like to say I have enjoyed reading about the boys and your 'life' and will miss you all
    Dee xx

  4. Nooooooooo! Please don't remove your blog! It is worth reading several times, and I'd really miss it. And maybe, after some time, you'll find something to say again?
    Thank you for the great time I had learning about you and your boys in Middle Earth!

  5. I've enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures. I can understand deciding that one has no more to say. But I was surprised that you also want to get rid of your dolls. But life is always changing, I guess.

  6. You know I've just started my blog only in March, and you and the other Sasha/doll bloggers have been so much inspiration to me! Please don't go! I wanted a Sasha doll and knew nothing about them, but through you and the girls I have learned so much and Ezri is no longer just a piece of plastic, she has a life! She lives!!! And little Ayza too! Ezri and Ayza are my little girls! And that's because I have learned to share the love of dolls. I love reading about your wonderful boys and all the other fascinating stories you post. Like the girls said in their posts- just write when you feel like it. If you sell your boys how will you know if they are being cared for properly by their new owners? They have a wonderful life with you. Please don't go :( xxxxx

  7. Oh Jesse! Don't do it!! Take it from one that has blogged and deleted her blog twice...plus sold my collection of Sasha dolls more times than I can remember only to start up all over again and again...you will miss it, the interaction with others who read your blog because they like it...doesn't have to be earth shattering content, just your own thoughts are good enough. You WILL miss your dolls, so please just carry on...I enjoy your blog very much...
    BUT, if you do decide to stop please let me know if you would like me to adopt (buy) Angelo your Sasha boy because I am quite happy to...if I can afford him :) And least you would see him sometimes and he wouldn't be stuck in a display case longing to get out...

  8. Dear Jesse,

    I have been following your blog regularly, and though I have not made many comments, I did feel that I needed to make a comment here. I wanted to thank you for your really interesting blog. I love the issues you have brought up, and your steady campaign to try and get others to see the need for both boys and girls to indulge in doll play. I have also enjoyed watching the lives of your wonderful boys play out. They are each such unique characters, and their varied personalities make for fun stories every time we see them.

    Though I do understand struggles with lack of inspiration, and fears that your content is flat and boring, I hope that you will listen to your many fans above and continue your blog. There are many other bloggers out there who have rare updates, but when inspiration hits they have a chance to share with everyone without having to start all over again, and their followers are still excited to see what they have to offer.

    Even if you do stop your blog, I hope that you will reconsider selling your dolls. They are such a wonderful family, and it would be a real shame to break them up. Besides, doll play, even when you don't blog about it, which I don't; can still be fulfilling and fun, especially if you already have so many wonderful accessories, clothing and shoes. I have a very varied family of play dolls, and I still enjoy having doll-play days. I change their clothes with the seasons, take pictures if I feel like it, and write little stories about them. When I'm feeling courageous, I even take a few of them out with me, and take pictures of them in other places. They provide many hours of simple pleasure and stress relief, and just seeing them resting around my house gives me pleasure and makes me smile.

    I really have enjoyed your blog, and was looking forward to seeing more of your boys' adventures now that Timothy, Fritz, and Mason have joined the family. I really do hope that you reconsider shutting down your blog, but if you go through with your plan, thank you again for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

    Elisabeth and the dolls at Fern Forest

  9. Oh my goodness Jesse. When I saw your headline I thought, "Oh surely not!" But had a sad feeling that your post might be just that. I'm so very sorry to read this as in the relatively short time I've been aware of your blog I've loved tuning in every week. However, I of course respect your decision.
    I will message you privately, and in the sorrowful case that you will be selling everything I would particularly been keen to hear your plans for my Nini, Timothy.

    Best wishes, Jonny


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