Tux and tails

Dear Diary,

Adam:  In the past, Jesse and I have been very critical of the shoddy design and production of many of the boy doll clothes we have purchased from Carpetina. We've made no secret of our dissatisfaction with almost every item of clothing we've purchased.  The fit, styling and craftsmanship have been below grade, not to mention the use of poppers and velcro.  When the newest boy outfit, coat with tails was offered, we were very reluctant to purchase it.  However, we couldn't resist and did buy it, keeping our expectations low.

Well, imagine our utter amazement when we opened the package and examined the goods - the outfit was fantastic and we were very chuffed!  We were so pleased that we felt it merited a positive post, complimenting Carpetina on an excellent product.

Getting a good view all around.

Although the fabric is just polyester, it does look pretty good.  The design of the clothes actually fit Adam and there is enough ease in the trousers for him to sit (as well as he can).    The fabric used for the waistcoat and bowtie is lovely.  The coat and waistcost are both nicely lined.  The waistcoat has poppers which are excusable because of the lovely knot buttons used.  The trousers are lined and instead of velcro have a zipper fly closure; they also have a button closure at the waistband instead of a popper - hooray! 

Real buttons with button holes show quality and craftsmanship.

There are reasonably proportional buttons with button holes (instead of poppers) on the shirt!

The back looks good but the coat could have had a bit more tailoring for a better fit at the chest.

Not a bad fit from behind.  To eliminate the look of an overcoat, some tailoring is needed in the chest.

Now, there is only one complaint and I bring it up because it seems so stupid and should have been avoided.  This came with a pair of socks - white!  Whoever heard of wearing white socks with a black suit since the 1950s?  And, these socks are so big that they could only be fitting for an American Girl doll.  To top it off, they have a funny ruffle top, totally feminine and not masculine at all.  Carpetina, shame on you.  Get properly fitting socks for the boys.

Hideous and two sizes too big.

In the end, I am now smartly attired, presentable to the Governor General and the Prime Minister at Government House or when directing the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  Sadly, I'm a bit over-dressed for life in the village: feeding the goats, chopping firewood, mucking-out the chook house, weeding the vegetable patch and etc.  Oh well, my closet is pretty flash right now.

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