Socks supply

Dear Diary,

Adam:  Don't believe it if you're told that the AG 18" doll socks fit me - because they don't!  They are far too big and look terrible on me.  

Up until now, that's all I had so I refused to wear any socks at all.  Then, Angelo reminded Jesse about his wonderful socks and this gave Jesse the answer - Ruth to the rescue!  Ruth in England made 90% of Angelo's clothes and she made him some wonderful socks.  Sadly, they are too small for me but she agreed to make some just to fit my foot.  Today, they arrived in the post and they are wonderful.  

"Look at the wonderful array of colours!"

I received 9 pairs of machine-knitted socks in a wide variety of colours.  They fit me well,  allowing me to wear shoes.  I like getting new clothes!

Bright red socks

Little by little, I'm putting together and decent wardrobe.  I like having nice things to wear.  When you're as handsome as I am, it doesn't make sense to wear ill-fitting and poorly styled clothes.  

Shoes and socks, shoes and socks, shoes and socks - I want more and more and more!

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