Z is for zucchini

Dear Diary,

Jesse: Courgettes, marrows or zucchinis - we'll be eating them for weeks in all sorts of forms: cookies, breads, cakes, slices, loaves - the list seems endless.  

Have you ever noticed how you check the courgettes in the evening and by the next morning they have tripled in size?  I think this plant is the answer to world hunger.  The way ours grow and multiply, I think I could feed our entire village.  Luckily, they make some pretty tasty items.

It was time to make a zucchini cake for tea time so I sent the boys out to the garden to fetch one.

"Push, Angelo!  We've a way to go to the kitchen!"
The worked together well as a team and brought in the largest one.  Funny how just yesterday is was half this size.

I have a number of different recipes but there is one cake recipe I like in particular.  It makes a moist and tasty dessert.  We try to never buy any dessert items from the grocery store.  It might be different if we had a real bakery in our area.  

"I'll cut the cake.  Adam, put the kettle on!"
The boys helped me to make the batter and get it into the oven.  That evening we had a delicious slice of freshly baked cake with our tea.  As you can see, Angelo could hardly wait to get his slice!

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