Happy Christmas

Dear Diary,

The boys and Santa Claus under the Yule tree.

Adam;  It's Christmas Day and we're celebrating.  The weather is stunning - sunny, blue skies and hot and blessedly, no wind.  It's the perfect Christmas Day in the southern hemisphere.  You'll notice that I'm wearing my summer kit - shorts, T-shift and jandals.  The other day I saw Santa Claus in shorts!

Staying cool in the middle of summer.
Angelo:  I love Christmas!  We have a special new tree this year, decorated with vintage New Zealand toys, in particular the Marylou doll.  And, underneath, prezzies for the family.  I love opening my gifts to see what great things I was given.
"Check out my festive snowman socks!"
Adam, Angelo & Jesse:  We wish all of our friends in cyberland a very happy Holiday season.  There are lots of reason to celebrate this day, from the summer solstice here at the bottom of the globe, to the winter solstice at the top, from secular holidays to religious ones.  No matter what your preference and however you celebrate it, we hope you have lots of love and happiness today and always!

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