Knickerbocker boy

Dear Diary,

Angelo:  I am a spoiled boy - really I am.  I have a fantastic wardrobe, almost all of which has been sewed by Ruth in England.  

When people see my clothes in real life, they just can't believe the attention to detail, like real buttonholes, buckles, and trims.  Long ago Papa sold off all the Trendon factory-made outfits as he considered them historical but poorly made when compared to my outfits from Ruth.  We first started to buy clothes from Ruth in around 2001 when I first came to live with my Papa.  At that time Ruth lived in a small village in England and didn't have good access to a large variety of fabrics.  So, Papa would go to the mega fabric stores and purchase cuts of different fabrics. He would then attach a photo from an advertisement which showed the kind of garment he wanted made.  Ruth always came through with the best coat, hat, suit and etc.

Papa ordered a new outfit for me as a surprise and it came a little while back.  We've been very busy but today he showed it to me and had me try it on.  What do you think?  Isn't this the best boy outfit ever?
"Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!"
"In our area, there is a local Edwardian club which sponsors an annual Edwardian festival in the nearby town.  Lots of people dress up in period clothing.  I'm ready for next year's event!"

"Papa says, "A bowtie is a boy's best friend.'"
"Cool!  They come scuffed; now I won't get into trouble for playing in my good shoes."
Note the matching lining of the coat and vest.
The label of discriminating doll haute couture.

Adam:  I'm happy for Angelo.  I just wish I could get a good newspaper boy hat like his! .I'm going to contact Ruth at Ruthsdollsandbears!

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