Marvelous in mauve

Dear Diary,

Adam: Not long ago, Jesse came home with some wonderful knitting wool for me to use to make a slipover.  It is made in New Zealand from NZ animals.  It is 60% merino and 40% dehaired angora.  Let me tell you this is soft as can be!  

It is a very fine 2-ply, almost lace weight.  I think I got 34 stitches/10 cm on 2.75 mm needles.  I knitted it flat but used steeks so it is seamless.  It's not easy for me to knit flat, so please excuse my errors at times.  Plus, don't forget I don't have a pattern so I had to just make it up on the fly. But, all things considered it finished up pretty well and I like wearing it.  

I am convinced that mauve is definitely my colour.

Now, about the colour.  It's a beautiful soft shade of mauve which goes well with the size and soft texture of the fabric.  And, we all agree that mauve is a fantastic colour for me.  It brings out the colour of my face and hair, complimenting my handsome, mature looks.  The more primary colours are fine but this is far classier and more fashionable.

I put buttons up the back so the slipover isn't pulled over my head.

At the same time Jesse brought home this wool, he brought some other skeins of the same wool in different colours (the shop was having a sale).  I've already begun to knit a cardigan in an olive green which should look smart as well.

As much as I enjoy knitting, I will be glad when the seamstress starts to sew some garments for me to wear!


  1. Some of those NZ wools are fabulous - I always buy some when visiting my family. Still have to use it - but not had a lot of time for knitting recently.

    You look very smart in your new mauve slipover Adam and I think you are right the colour suits you very well.

  2. Thank you for your compiment. Unfortunately, our sheep industry is in decline, mostly due to the increase in dairy farming. This is not the place to discuss the detrimental effect this has on NZ. Thankfully, we can still get some high quality knitting wools. The best part is that slowly but surely, the colourway is shifting from garrish primary colours to blended tones.

    1. You are right some bad things have been happening - including terrible pollution of the waters and land erosion, but as you say this isn't the place to discuss this!

      But as you say at least some much nicer tones and colourways are happening.


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